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Instructions for Quilt Hanging Sleeve

How to Make a 4” Hanging Sleeve

  1. Once your quilt has been quilted and bound, measure the width of your quilt. Sew a 9-inch wide strip of fabric that measures the width of your quilt minus 2 inches.
  2. Hem both ends of the strip.
  3. With the WRONG sides together, sew the strip into a long tube.
  4. Press the sleeve flat with seam running down the center of the sleeve.
  5. Lay the sleeve on the back of the quilt with the seam facing the quilt. Position the sleeve about ½ inch from the top of the quilt.
  6. Whipstitch the top and bottom edges of the sleeve to the back of your quilt, being sure to leave the ends open so a hanging rod can be inserted.
  7. Another option would be to sew the sleeve lengthwise with the wrong sides together and attach it to the top before the binding is attached.