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Upcoming QFaC Events

Quilt for a Cause has over 70 quilts currently displayed in many offices throughout Tucson including  Animas Yoga, Pilates, Dance Studio; Arizona Oncology locations; Radiology Limited; ACP Eastside Imaging and many others.  These quilts are for sale, so if you spot one you are  interested in buying call (520 405-5478) or send email to
September - November 2020 – Quilt for a Cause is exhibiting about 20 quilts at the Tucson International Airport through Novemeber of 2020.  The exhibit cases are near the eastern baggage claim on the lower level.  All quilts are for sale and can be purchased through our website
Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival 2018
Tucson Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival - November 5- 7, 2020 Quilt for a Cause is looking forward to the Tucson "Rusty Barn" Festival.  We'll have raffle quilt tickets available and some small quilts and boutique items for sale. Keep an eye on their website for current information.
Joel Valdez Main Library in November 2020 - Quilt for a Cause will have an exhibit of small quilts at the Joel Valdez Main Library in downtown Tucson this November.

“2020 Echoes”

January 2021
2020 has been an unprecedented year of challenge for all members of our community. Innovation, creativity, and commitment to community recovery has been at the heart of Roche Tissue Diagnostics’ (RTD) response. To affirm their commitment to creativity, RTD is hosting the “2020: Echoes” community art exhibition in which five Southern Arizona art societies and guilds are invited to submit entries for a group exhibition celebrating 2020 themes of reflection, community, and transformation. Artwork can be inspired by 2020 events, or be previously created works that speak to the exhibition theme. All art groups and guilds are also encouraged to collaborate on one new collective piece to illustrate the idea that although community collaboration may have had to take on new forms, collaboration is alive and important. Quilt for a Cause will be a part of this exhibition!